Swedish Massage                                                        60 / 90 min - $90 / $125

Combining long soothing strokes, range of motion, and deeper attention to your focus areas, this massage, done to your preferred pressure, will help reduce stress, improve circulation, and increase mobility.

Deep Tissue  Massage                                60 / 90 min - $90 / $125

Specializing in deep tissue work, this massage can help release your knotted up muscles, improve posture and flexibility, and reduce pain.  I keep in communication with you, throughout the massage, to deliver just the right amount of pressure.

Pregnancy Massage                                                60 / 90 min - $90 / $125

Nestled in a Body Cushion made to support pregnant bellies, you will be quite comfortable, as your mind, along with your muscles, are soothed and relaxed.  A wonderful experience for the mother to be.

Reflexology                                                                          30 min - $40.00

A very therapeutic foot massage that helps the whole body relax..   This service can be added on to a Swedish, or Deep Tissue massage.  

Not recommended for pregnancy massage.

Add on Services

Hot Stone                                                                              $15.00  add on

Hot Stones are placed over the blankets, penetrating heat into the joints and muscles.  Then, more stones are used in gliding strokes for a soothing massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and nurtured.  Not recommended for pregnancy massage.

Moisturizing Treatment                           $15.00  add on

Using Weleda products during your massage, along with penetrating heat, to help sooth your dry skin.   A great moisturizing treatment!

Aromatherapy                                                                $10.00  add on

Add Aromatherapy to your massage, creating a blend of your choice of essencial oils, designed to assist with mood and wellness . 

Not recommended for Pregnancy massage.

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